Monday, April 6, 2015

Kvltilation VI

Witch Desire- In The Evil Space (Demo '96)
Cirrhus - Instrumental VII (Demo 2008)
Near - The Approaching of the Beast (The Dark Art of Death Hidden in the Castle)
Deform - Parterede Præster (Through The Gate Of The Silver Key)
Beheat Gorum De Mentheurd-???(side A) (Villissä Pohjolassa)
Bestial Holocaust -Exterminacion Final (Exterminacion Final)
Frostmoon - I'm Psychokiller (Tordenkrig)
Mjölnir - Endlose Hymne An Die Abendröte (Midgard, Erwache!)
Mons Veneris - Massacre Of The Heavenly Kingdom (The Last Twilight Of Existence)
Moon - sabbat2012march16
Skuty Lodem-Mind Of The Witch (Tohuwabohu)
Marching Church-Never alone (Grå Fraktion)
Kveldsmoerke - Naturen og friheten (Øyen i havet)
Epheles -Ne Meurs Jamais... (Je Suis Autrefois)
Druadan Forest - Rivendell (Mirkwood)
Seigneur Voland - Jeunesse Epuration (Ma Necropole...Live)
Grausamkeit - Shadow Thorns (Satan's Addicktion & Pure Madness)
Cirrhus - Time Honored Barrier (Cirrhus EP)
Slægt - Tabt Kød (Ildsvanger)
Torgeist - My Soul For Yours (Time Of Sabbath)
Pazuzelhomet - Occultic Circles Of Possessed Demonical Priest Of Insects (Sarcophagus Of The Lost Cowlcult (Demo))
Abnabak - Hate (Under The Mask Of Humanty)
Wulkanaz - Rekwewilu (Kwetwan jah Dreuzaz)
Euthanizer - Self-Deception (Permanent Damage)
Choose Death - See Your Fate (Choose Death)
Ildjarn - Gates to Bottomless Halls (Those Once Mighty Fallen)
Antique Crumbling Framework - Triumph Of Death Pt.1(Antique Crumbling Framework)
Bacchia Neraida - Imperium Gaia (Eternal Kingdom Of Hades (EP))
Vedymini - Pożegnanie Boromira (Zapomniany Bard)
Draupner - Veins Forsaken (Through The Gate Of The Silver Key)
Vegas Martyrs - The Male Poison (Choking Doberman 7")
Nocthornialh - Dolbsdug Rendår (Through The Gate Of The Silver Key)
Goatfallos - Ghastly Hornsumption (Through The Gate Of The Silver Key)
Menstrual Stench - Crimson Taste (Feeding Its Young From Its Own Breast)
Witch Desire - Witch Dens (Demo)
Sortilegia - Per Atrum Ignem (Arcane Death Ritual)
Sorh - veer I (veer)
Rhinocervs - Untitled (RH-14)
Solanum - Space and Time (Spheres of Time)
Pyha - After the Aliens (The Haunted House)
Paysage d'Hiver - Macht des Schicksals (Das Tor)
Nekrasov - Psychic Epilepsy In The Butchery Of Light (Cognition Of Splendid Oblivion)
Nehemah - Light Of A Dead Star (Light Of A Dead Star)
Corneus - Mordbrand (Corneus - Grausamkeit - Split)
Conquest - i. Equidistant Moons (Looming Obsolescence)

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TG said...

I remember first finding Ildjarn through an old Kvltilation mix.. good to see he has made a comeback. Ambient years by the looks of things..