Thursday, May 17, 2012

Endless Lonely Planet

Yearly periodical with 4gb data disc accompaniment

PUBLICATION FEATURING: Nicholas Selenitsch, Joshua Petherick, Kate Newby, Nicholas Mangan, S.T. Lore, Y3K, Matthew Benjamin, Discipline, Evergreen, Review Swapper, Virginia Overell, Alex Vivian, Elizabeth Newman, Christopher L G Hill, Darren Banks.

DATA FEATURING: Matthew Brown, Nicholas Mangan, Simon Denny, Justin K Fuller Porpoised rmx, Hessian Jailer, Jason Heler, Olle Holmberg, Jarad Zlatic, Emile Zile, Ardi Gunwan, Christopher L G Hill, Tim Coster (Fictitious Sighs), Oliver Van der Lugt, VDO4BTXmix,Bum Creek,Counterfietnessfirst folder
various content (Dan Arps, Deleuze, Vinteriket, James Deutsher, Joshua Petherick, Christopher L G Hill, Skogen Zine, Natural Selection, El Rave Azteca….etc) mostly Unauthorised.

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S O O N / N O W




Wednesday, January 18, 2012

(NEW) BUNYIP TRAX - AV : VDO "Opportunity Shopping" DVD


Opportunity Shopping DVD

Brand new VDO release for 2012!
This extremely limited edition DVD release features four new VDO audio tracks (recorded live in early 2011) set to four new video clips, running for a total of one hour and ten minutes of deeply compressed, meditative, aquatic CGI house and regionally zoned ambient noise, from Bunyip Trax’s new audio-visual division.
Tracks: Opportunity Shopping, Genius Bar A.M., A Theo Between Leos, and Urban Renewal.