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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Josh Petherick

MOUVING moments in Holland this week, if you are in the area.

All-nite room-musak with ANNIE, alongside DOLPHINS INTO THE FUTURE (belgium), GASTRIC FEMALE REFLEX (canada), GEORGE W. MYERS (usa), PAK (usa), DATASHOCK (germany), HEATSICK (germany, 1/2 of Birds Of Delay) & CALDERA LAKES (usa, Kevin Shields, Gang Wizard people).

And performing in Jamboree band with ASHTRAY NAVIGATIONS (uk) , SPIT SWAP (nl/usa), JAMES FERRARO (usa, The Skaters/Lamborghini Crystal), P.A.R.A. (us), MINN MINN LIGHTS (norway). JONAS OHLSSON (from börft records) DJs also, + FRIENDS.

both at OCCII • AMSTELVEENSEWEG 134 (next to Vondelpark)• AMSTERDAM
Food and sauna out the back.

Also, Axolotl, Mouthus and Stellar Om Source at Theatre Kikker in Utrecht on Tuesday nite.


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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

KVLTILATION II Down, anyone care to re up would be grim and heily

Vothana, vinterriket,ami yoshida,mayhem,8bit mayhem,hypothermia,ambrose feild, avsoluted,kraus,mokramatsa,urchyn,fall of efrafa,eno,burzum,black howling,atestor,ami yoshida,marblebog,domni inferi,animus,njiqahdda,paysage d'hiver,imortalscrew,light shall prevail, Nortt, Wold.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Who Let The Dog's (Sell) Out ??!?!!?!?

Paeces "Psychic Tables" (2005)
Originally issued on MYMWLY label. Way OOP!

Download the album here!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

SATURN MASQUE "Becoming" Mixtape (BTX0002.5)

- Ivor Cutler "Go on, Jump!"
- Vam Cyborg "Radioactividad"
- A Guy Called Gerald "Rhythm of Life"
- Theo Parrish "Reaction to plastic"
- DJ Screw "Tell Me Something Good"
- Mayhem "Silvester Anfang"
- DJ Pica Pica Pica "Beats From... Banaspati"
- Dick Mills "P.I.G.S."
- Aphex Twin/Hot Butter "Popcorn"
- Crass "Do They Owe Us A Living?"
- J G Ballard "Low flying Aircraft (excerpt #1)"
- Pink Project "Hyper Gamma Space"
- J G Ballard "Low flying Aircraft (excerpt #2)"
- Deuter "Aum"
- Claude Schryer "Les Oiseaux de Bullion"
- Archimedes Badkar "Tva Varldar"
- Einsturzende Neubauten "NNNAMMM"
- Norma Jean "Sorcerer"
- Double "Woman of the world"
- DAF "Alles ist gut"
- Clara Moonshine "Caesar in Camerun"
- Amral's Trinidad Cavaliers "90 Percent of Me Is You"
- Claude Schryer "Les Oiseaux de Bullion"
- 8Bit Mayhem "War"
- The Android Sisters "Robots are coming"
- Yuzo Koshiro "Never Return Alive"
- Robert Calvert "Ground Control To Pilot"
- Stanley Clarke and George Duke "Never judge a cover by it's book"
- Future World Orchestra "Captain Coke"
- Baby's Gang "Happy Song"
- City Center "Profondo Rosso"
- Galactic Locksmith "Like A Duck To Kinky Water"
- Mike Oldfield "Incantations"
MIXTAPE LINK. - link updated!