Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mouving "Solo Wife" cass

Josh Petherick

Mouving "Solo Wife" (BTX007)
I found some old Mouving rips from an early Bunyip Trax catalogue tape. From around 2007. Originally "Solo Wife" was two short cassettes that came stuck together in an edition of under double figures, released in Holland. Not all of the pieces are here but this is all that I can salvage and is probably all that exists.

Please excuse the tape hiss and general subterranean quality.

download HERE.


Bohemian Knights

Bohemian Knights "All Aboard For Peace Rally" 2005 (IRX3)
Long out of print CDR from Sean's Inverted Crux label. Recorded live in 2005 at BUS Gallery in Melbourne. Features lots of people from Paeces, Rah Dunes, Peaking Lights, Lakes, Gugg, Mouving, etc etc.

Download it here.

Courtesy of the new Inverted Crux blog!