Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mouving "Solo Wife" cass

Josh Petherick

Mouving "Solo Wife" (BTX007)
I found some old Mouving rips from an early Bunyip Trax catalogue tape. From around 2007. Originally "Solo Wife" was two short cassettes that came stuck together in an edition of under double figures, released in Holland. Not all of the pieces are here but this is all that I can salvage and is probably all that exists.

Please excuse the tape hiss and general subterranean quality.

download HERE.



Anonymous said...

how do i convert this to mp3?

willis said...

drop file into Stuffit Expander or any un-zipping program and the mp3 files are all inside the folder.


Good through non-laptop speakers. Floody tape bass!

Anonymous said...

AMAZING! where does this come from? thank you for such a mystery

elevator driver said...

So deep. Where can we get a real tape of this stuff? Or newer?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

can you re-post?

Anonymous said...

I second that.been trying to find this all over the www