Monday, April 6, 2015

Kvltilation VI

Witch Desire- In The Evil Space (Demo '96)
Cirrhus - Instrumental VII (Demo 2008)
Near - The Approaching of the Beast (The Dark Art of Death Hidden in the Castle)
Deform - Parterede Præster (Through The Gate Of The Silver Key)
Beheat Gorum De Mentheurd-???(side A) (Villissä Pohjolassa)
Bestial Holocaust -Exterminacion Final (Exterminacion Final)
Frostmoon - I'm Psychokiller (Tordenkrig)
Mjölnir - Endlose Hymne An Die Abendröte (Midgard, Erwache!)
Mons Veneris - Massacre Of The Heavenly Kingdom (The Last Twilight Of Existence)
Moon - sabbat2012march16
Skuty Lodem-Mind Of The Witch (Tohuwabohu)
Marching Church-Never alone (Grå Fraktion)
Kveldsmoerke - Naturen og friheten (Øyen i havet)
Epheles -Ne Meurs Jamais... (Je Suis Autrefois)
Druadan Forest - Rivendell (Mirkwood)
Seigneur Voland - Jeunesse Epuration (Ma Necropole...Live)
Grausamkeit - Shadow Thorns (Satan's Addicktion & Pure Madness)
Cirrhus - Time Honored Barrier (Cirrhus EP)
Slægt - Tabt Kød (Ildsvanger)
Torgeist - My Soul For Yours (Time Of Sabbath)
Pazuzelhomet - Occultic Circles Of Possessed Demonical Priest Of Insects (Sarcophagus Of The Lost Cowlcult (Demo))
Abnabak - Hate (Under The Mask Of Humanty)
Wulkanaz - Rekwewilu (Kwetwan jah Dreuzaz)
Euthanizer - Self-Deception (Permanent Damage)
Choose Death - See Your Fate (Choose Death)
Ildjarn - Gates to Bottomless Halls (Those Once Mighty Fallen)
Antique Crumbling Framework - Triumph Of Death Pt.1(Antique Crumbling Framework)
Bacchia Neraida - Imperium Gaia (Eternal Kingdom Of Hades (EP))
Vedymini - Pożegnanie Boromira (Zapomniany Bard)
Draupner - Veins Forsaken (Through The Gate Of The Silver Key)
Vegas Martyrs - The Male Poison (Choking Doberman 7")
Nocthornialh - Dolbsdug Rendår (Through The Gate Of The Silver Key)
Goatfallos - Ghastly Hornsumption (Through The Gate Of The Silver Key)
Menstrual Stench - Crimson Taste (Feeding Its Young From Its Own Breast)
Witch Desire - Witch Dens (Demo)
Sortilegia - Per Atrum Ignem (Arcane Death Ritual)
Sorh - veer I (veer)
Rhinocervs - Untitled (RH-14)
Solanum - Space and Time (Spheres of Time)
Pyha - After the Aliens (The Haunted House)
Paysage d'Hiver - Macht des Schicksals (Das Tor)
Nekrasov - Psychic Epilepsy In The Butchery Of Light (Cognition Of Splendid Oblivion)
Nehemah - Light Of A Dead Star (Light Of A Dead Star)
Corneus - Mordbrand (Corneus - Grausamkeit - Split)
Conquest - i. Equidistant Moons (Looming Obsolescence)

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Porpoise Torture: Endless Lonely Ocean



**Originally released with Endless Lonely Planet III publication, on various length tapes, some secondhand. Shares the BTX047 catalog number with VDO: Core Erasure by mistake :/

Urchyn: Paegant Wagon

Urchyn: Pageant Wagon double A side (re-edit) BTX049.

A1/B1rose gardens and butter churns
A3/B3garden by moonlight
A4/B4glee in aryan demise
A5/B5star chariot

**re edit of c42 tape edition, anyone with the tape (edition of 10) I recommend re dubbing this superior recording.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

DJ G-Unic Party Mix

A different DJ G-Unic mix feat v/a

Saturday, September 28, 2013

cultiation V

Black Metal and associated genres mix compilation featuring:

Dânnâgôischd, Emglev, White Medal, Witch In Her Tomb, Tardigrada, Torgeist, Isengard, Moon, Sun Worship, Axnaar, Krypthall, Gothmog, Bacchia Neraida, Grafvolluth, Alcest, Tardigrada, Monarque, Revenge, Blue Hummingbird on the Left, Graven, Battle Dagorath, Antaeus, Nehemah, Lord Lovidicus, Oaken Tower, Darkened Nocturn
Slaughtercult, Ravensdöm, Near, Luciation, Jotun, Gothmog